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Clouds in Sky


Vin Zzep

Zzep’s is an Australian artist
with an astronomical imagination.
Vin Zzep 
surrealist images that 
 common objects and places them in uncanny, weightless setting. Zzep transports his viewers into another world. Zzep recently sat down to talk about his creative process, and how he finds self-expression through making art, and more. With such a beautiful, airy palette, it’s a pleasure to get lost inZzep’s body of work.


On becoming an artist:

I remember my friend sitting next to me in school being so excited with my picture he stopped doing his work and just watched me. It was the 1st time I felt like art had a power to influence and change people. From that point on art would play a profound part in my life. Currently, I work as a designer. My online art is a release from the deadlines and high-pressure day-to-day of the real world.


On surrealism:

Surrealism gives me the opportunity to express myself without anyone telling me it's not right. I self-curate and often re-work my art, so it's liberating when I have the final say on a piece of work. Surrealism similarly does not conform to the real world, so I am attracted to the fact I can put two seemingly unrelated items together to create something unique.  


On the creative process:

I like to be in a zone when I create work. Sometimes I have an idea that I just can't get to work, but I like it, so I leave it for a while and come back to it later. Often this helps me understand what I was doing wrong and fix it. Other times I need to start again. It's funny, sometimes the work has a life all its own. It feels like the work finds its own way. It feels great when this happens.


On creating new ideas:

Ideas come to me at any time of the day. I email myself a brief description of the idea so I don't lose it.  This often happens if I don't email myself. Then, when I have time, I'll look at the idea and try to develop it.  My strike rate is about 50/50. Sometimes, I've sent an email that is so out there I don't know what I was thinking. Late night emails often are funniest, but sometimes they are also the best ideas. I like humour or quirky subjects, and I try not to take it too seriously.    


On understanding inspiration: 

For me, inspiration is not a destination, it's more a way of life. I'm always thinking of my next work so I might see something, hear something, or even dream something that inspires me. Art and design is my life, I'm always thinking about it.

Interview by Beth Caird,
Red Bubble Marketing







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